Solar of a city is a showcase of the city of Philadelphia as well as it's changing energy infrastructure. The purpose of this showcase is to give you an understanding of the complexity and intricacies of the city and how those very complexities can foster something beautiful. 


People viewing this website are likely coming from vastly different perspectives on solar energy. The goal is to present solar in a way that is has never seen before, create a fresh perspective, and spark a conversation.


Adam Stein

I am a solar designer and drone pilot for Solar States. I started my career out as an electrical engineer with the local power company in Delaware. After leaving that company, I lived off the grid in an eco-village in Spain for three months, traveled some more, and moved to Philly in early 2018. After searching for a company with a focus on the environment and values that align with my own, I found Solar States and the rest is history.

Solar States

​All of these solar arrays were installed by Solar States, a Philadelphia based company led by local Philadelphia legend, Micah Gold-Markel. Solar States exists because of the complexity of the city and it's ability to cater to those needs as well as it's focus on education and community.